Strategies for Getting Sponsors, Quickly

How to Get Sponsors


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This sponsorship literacy program gives you the scripts, strategies, tools, methods, and the support you need to acquire corporate, private, and customized sponsorships. The training will show you how to position yourself so that sponsors enthusiastically consider sending you the dollars you need. But the best part is, the course is digitally delivered to your home or office. I have personally trained more than 2,000 individuals and grops since 2002. This training not only encapsulates my knowledge for acquiring sponsorships, but their success stories as well. The majority of people who seek sponsors fail, miserably. That's because they don't have a system which is designed to specifically close the sale. This training changes that.


Your Online Training & Support Includes: 

  • Accelerated Earning techniques
  • Access to my business documents and templates
  • LIVE, one-on-one telephonic coaching option to help you learn the process and champion your success 
  • Copies of real sponsorship deals that worked
  • 'Can't miss' initial contact letters 
  • Elements of the proposal
  • Protocol for approaching million and billion dollar corporations, public and private entities
  • Mini case studies of sponsorships that didn't need a proposal, as well as "The million dollar sponsorship"
  • Protocol for approaching private entities
  • Easy-to-understand, training materials
  • Best principles and practices
  • Tips for closing the deal
  • What to do after you get the money
  • And much more


"Just rolling along with a ton of sponsorships... I never understood sponsorships; now I see everything as an opportunity. Thank you Fran. You are a wonderful resource and I will endorse your course, everywhere!"
-Liana Preble
Huffington Post


  8 Lesson Online Training, Only  $150.00

  8 Lesson Online Training, Plus Two Weeks of email and LIVE Coaching  $200.00






"I was sponsored by Long Horn Live!  The deal includes round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and promotion for my Texas book signing. I have many more sponsors coming: Toyota, Mattel, Frito Lay Allstate..." Thank you for the guidance, Fran. I'm loving this course. So much information!"  
Author, Sharon Fox