How to Get Sponsors For Your Business or Event!

How to Get Sponsors

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How to Get Sponsors: Guaranteed
Just $387.00 Or, 4 Easy Payments of $98 Each 

You get sponsored, or I will sponsor you myself!

- Fran Briggs



How to Get Sponsors is the definitive course individuals, entrepreneurs and small business owners are taking to launch their projects and increase their sales. Sponsorships have proven to be the financial solution for many events and projects which were short on capital. That's because corporations and companies need individuals who can help get their name out into the community and they'll sign hefty checks with your name on it if you can produce results.                                                                                        

"Hi Fran. I'm really excited because this is fun, and not hard to do. In Orlando, in about a 3-hour time block, we secured 3 sponsors. Since taking your course I have been sponsored by Chik-fil-A, Professional baseball, Chevrolet, a Bank, NY Pizza Baby, Center Stage Magazine, Long John Silvers, Omni Realty, Quiznos and so many more."

- Jahzara, Author and Publisher

    Register Here   $387.00
Or, 4 Easy Payments of $98 Each
    Get Sponsors Lessons 1 -3
    Get Sponsors Lessons 7-9                           

Using simple, proven tactics, I show you the process for obtaining sponsorships for your project or event, as well as the technique for quickly receiving checks in the mail in as little as three days. You have nothing to lose. will Sponsorships could be the financial solution for your event or project. This easy-to-understand course teaches you how to  attract enthusiastic corporate sponsors in a flash. Individuals just like you are using this program to fund their:
  • Events
  • Trade shows
  • Conferences
  • Block Parties
  • Ministries
  • Fundraisers
  • Education
  • Sport teams
  • Speaking career
  • Movie Projects
  • Seminars
  • Talent Shows
  • Travel
  • Weddings
  • Radio Stations
  • Magazines
  • Equipment Needs
  • Publishing Houses
  • Initiatives 
  • And much more!
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"I just want to say thank you. I never understood sponsorships - now I do. I see everything as an opportunity. Had our friends from NASA over and Bamm -sealed a contract deal! Thank you Fran. You are a wonderful resource and I will endorse your course, everywhere!!"


-Liana Preble, Broken Moms, Victorious - Founder

"Woo hoo, Thank you, Fran Briggs!  So far my book and I have been sponsored by Longhorn Live Radio, Hoover's Cooking, Marriott International, Great Day San Antonio television show, Enterprise Rental Car and many more. Your course taught me how to secure sponsors AND create long lasting business relationships with them for the future."


- Sharon Fox,                                                                              Host, Healthy Living Television Show, Official Culinary Artist of the Social Networks 

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You get access to my business documents, my winning templates, my checklists, proposals that worked, quarterly strategies, and an overview of my daily operations!

  • You get to personally ask me questions (Yes, me!) up to 2 weeks while we create a plan that's designed specifically for attaining sponsorship dollars

  • You get action-oriented assignments to help you immediately put together several winning proposals that will last a lifetime!

You won't be overwhelmed with books, manuals, downloads, 3.0 technology or anything like that. There's no need to figure anything out yourself. Everything is already to go; you get a simple, workable plan that consistently pays HUGE dividends. I make everything embarrassingly simple.

We'll use the telephone, the computer, as well as live training and support. I make it so easy to follow my easy instructions so that you can easily copy me. This the best, and most easy-to-understand program in the industry today. You'll be amazed with the simplicity and guidance.

I will hold you by your hand and answer all of your questions. Let me address some of the most Frequently Asked Questions, now.

Q: I know groups get sponsored; but I'm an individual. Do corporations sponsor individual projects?"

A: Absolutely. 'Individual projects' are funded every day by corporations. Let me give you an example (there will be several more presented in the training - all documented so you can cross reference).

Darell Hammond is an 'individual' who created KaBOOM!

KaBOOM! has built or renovated more than 1,300 public playgrounds, skate parks, and sports fields in the United States. Corporations have funded his project over, and over, again. Here's what Darrell has to say about securing corporate funding for his project.

"We recently reached the $100-million-raised benchmark and are tremendously excited about that."

- Darell Hammond, Co-Founder and CEO, KaBOOM!

Q: "Can anyone do this?"

A: Musicians, politicians, authors, teachers, students, insurance agents, beauticians, athletes, teachers, entrepreneurs, recording artists, restaurant owners, authors, mechanics. speakers, realtors, ... If you apply the principles, there is no reason why you shouldn't generate a substantial amount of cash and have fun during the entire process.
I told you it was "embarrassingly simple."  I have secured tens of thousands of sponsorship dollars and in-kind services from Pepsi-Cola, McDonalds, Fidelity Investments, AAA, Coors Light, Qwest, Jones Assisted Living, Electric Express, Curves, Hunter Steak House, Winter Chevrolet, Enterprise Rental Car, Terminix, Professional baseball, Bank of America, and Sprint, for clients-and myself.

Would you like to know how easy it is to sign local, regional, and national sponsors for your book, CD, product, or event? In some cases it will only take a day or two - not weeks or even months. I'll show you how to EASILY gain local, regional, and national sponsors.

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How to Get Sponsors e-Training™


Or, for your convenience, you may opt to make 4 easy payments of $98 each.  

    Get Sponsors Lessons 1 -3
    Get Sponsors Lessons 7-9                           

  Here's how it works...
  • You'll get brief, easy-to-understand training materials that are thorough are immediately applicable. In each lesson, I share foundational principles and practices for obtaining sponsorships, and then guide you to an exact course of action. I not only give you the system, I show you the 'how.'
  • You'll have the oppoutunity to  the to interact with me during the two weeks. My normal consultation fee is $150.00 an hour. I am available Monday - Saturday - no Sundays - to answer any questions about the e-coaching materials and program.
  • We'll detail a planof action for building your sponsorship business. I'll show you my own marketing plan and we'll use it as a template to custom-tailor your own. When you're finished, you'll have a workable action plan for consistently securing sponsorship dollars. I'll even provide you with the prioritized, master list of activities I personally use myself.

    I'll walk you through the steps you need to take to get things done as quickly and easily as possible. We will cover how to research your market, the different types and levels of sponsorships, and how to find and approach your sponsors. [Note: The real secret to my success is my collection of templates - I give you copies of many of them!]

    Then, we'll discuss how to successfully work the system you've established - including how to target your market, how to identify with your sponsor's core message, how to compellingly convey the benefits of your product, the elements of the successful proposal, how to successfully present the proposal, and closing the deal.

    We'll also discuss how to build your brand. Additionally, I tell you how to approach million and billion dollar corporations with their mindset. You'll know exactly who to contact, and who actually will be writing you a check. I also show you exactly what to do so your sponsors happily give again, and again. And of course, I give you 5 templates and proposals that actually scored tens of thousands of dollars in sponsorship cash so you can copy, tweak, and adapt as your own.

    These templates are valued at $200.00 each.

    Seasons, times and technology will change, but not the foundational system offered in this training. It will continue to be effective for you as long as you are willing to use it. And, as you can see, I don't skimp on the skinny. This proprietary system is worth its weight in gold. It's fair to say that it is priceless. However, I want to make things as affordable as I can.

    The entire two week training is worth $1,387.00 That's the price I charge for my live teleseminars. But you won't pay anywhere near that. You pay just $387.00.

    There should be a smile on your face right now.

     That's because when you sign up, I will personally coach you how to attain sponsorships attain for $300, $1,000, $4,500 or more just by writing a letter and making a couple of phone calls.

    Now, I gotta tell you: if you're not willing to invest $387.00, then you haven't been paying attention.  If you choose to obtain just 3 sponsors, that could represent $15,000 or more in income for your business or project.

    My 1:1 consultations alone, are $150.00 an hour. And the five templates and proposals used to win sponsorships are valued at $1,000 ($200 each). But, in actuality, they're really priceless. That's because, with this program you can use over and over again to attain unlimited cash for your business.

    The 2-Week e-Coaching Will Sell Out

    Enroll by clicking on the PayPal button below, Upon completing your order, you'll receive an e-receipt from Paypal. I will then send you a confirmation email along with all of the details. Register for the e-Coaching today, and start tomorrow. Enroll below. It's time to stop dabbling, spinning your wheels, and going in circles.  

    Don't miss out. Grab the ... 

    How to Get Sponsors e-Training™
    w it's easier than ever to fit the How to Get Sponsors training comfortably into your budget!  The Four-pay Flex Payment Plan lets you take thcourse with 4 easy payments of $98.00.  Take Lessons 1 - 4 today!;

  • Or, for your convenience, you may opt to make 4 easy payments of $98 each.  

          Get Sponsors Lessons 1 -3
         Get Sponsors Lessons 7 - 9                          
  • 12 Lessons   $387.00

Fran Briggs 
is an author, speaker, and  America's Get Sponsored Coach. Along with Dr. Stan Harris, Tony Robbins, Chuck Norris, Donald Trump and others, she is a founding faculty member of the   Fran helps individuals, businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, and non-profit organizations quickly secure sponsorships, build relationships, and retain sponsors with her cost-effective, compelling, and creative sponsorship e-training and seminars.